Oh Dear...

Sigh. We are naughty.

Yes, there have been fic updates to the website. Mel posts all new chapters on her LJ, and then I put them on the site. So I don't post them here individually. However, the latest chapter of DoJ has hit a minor snag....


Honestly, we've been trying to write the latest DoJ. Everything is there... plot, actions, scenes.... but when we try to get it down, the "PLUNNIES" attack. Mel is being harrassed by Nurarihyon no Mago and I'm being harrassed by Bleach. Naughty PLUNNIES!

So... we spent today doing a Bleach fic.It flowed... it wouldn't stop.... it's scary :) One shot as of now, but that will probably change, knowing us. And Mel has a Nura fic started.

So, I'll post the Bleach thing here and on the site... and Mel will pop it on her LJ. And hopefully, the plunnies leave us alone long enough to hit the DoJ chappie....


Hooookay... A bunch has been uploaded... All of the Death and Dragon Arc and the oneshots... Working on html'ing Warped right now.

The site is called Mel & Christy's House of Torment


If you find any broken links, please let us know... been fighting with it lots so far.
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