Damn... been a while...

Yes, it has been months. Yes, the bugs 3 site karked it. Yes, I have been lame (I blame work and warcraft and valor capping and gold capping). HOWEVER - we have a new site, our own domain name and a paid account, so this one should actually survive - go me. The addy is : http://tormenthouse.org/ .   Enjoy!  And now I'm off to bed to dream up more wierd things to bug Mel with for fics.
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Website Update

I know it's been a while...

However, I was a good evil woman and updated the website! Go me!
We were fairly productive...

Added Chapter 26 to Gundam Wings "Warped Mirrors"

Added Chapter 12 to Gundam Wing "Alarums and Excursions"

Added Chapter 40 to Gundam Wing "Demon of Justice"

Added "Squad Party" to Bleach "Fight or Foreplay"

Added 2nd "Bankai Wing" prequel "Lions and Tigers and Hollows, Oh My!" to Bleach and Gundam Wing

New chappies on Mel's Journal

We did new a chapter of the Bleach  fic "Fight or Foreplay" Arc and a new one of the Bleach / GW cross Bankai Wing.

Both are currently on Mel's journal for perusal. Not sure when I'll update the site itself, but it should be soonish.

Mel's journal : mel-redcap. livejournal .com       no spaces :)

Website updates

I was finally good and updated the website with our new stuff... most was posted on Mel's journal.

Added Backstory 2 to the Harrington-Wing stories.
Added "Curiouser and Curiouser" to Bleach's 'Fight or Foreplay' Arc
Added "When Shinigami Meet", the prequel to 'Bankai Wing' to Bleach and Gundam Wing sections.... it is a fusion after all :)

Harringtonverse / GW fusion Backstory

I.... had a dream a few months ago... Duo and the boys in Harringtonverse. It teased us... It's joined the naughty plunnies in our heads... Yesterday, Mel came over early for game night... we play a GURPS RP.... I have an adorable river drake.... anyway, we decided to play with one of the backstories to said fusion.... and it flew. Mel also posted it to her journal. Introducing the Harrington-Wing: Backstory #1

Gundam Wing crossed with David Weber's Honorverse. We're nuts. Oh well. XD We're writing important bits of backstory first, to avoid the need to fill 'em in later, so please enjoy this little tale of how two major characters first met!

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Sorry, no new ficcage.... Mel is still fighting with and obsessing over her Nura plunnies.
"I" on the other hand, have been obsessing over converting ALL of my fave fanfics to EPUB.. Copy.... Paste... import to Calibre... convert.... find a cover pic.... upload to shiny reader... Lots of work.... but worth it  :) The only problems are with incomplete fics. "grumble mutter"  To convert what is there, then redo it when finished? Wait for it to be finished? Maybe I'll do all the finished ones first, then go back.
But it's SOOOOOOOO nice to take the fics with me :)